Q. Why is the ArchCrafters CustomComfort Insole better than competing products?
A. The CustomComfort is as unique as your own foot. Since we measure every nuance of the undersurface of your individual foot, the CustomComfort insole fits and supports like no generic insole can.

Q. Where can I purchase your insole products?
A. Right here at Archcrafters.com, through major catalogs nationwide and a growing network of retail locations.

Q. What is the CustomComfort Insole made of?
A. The insole is individually machined out of specially tailored densities of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). This is a non-plastic material commonly used in the mid-soles of athletic shoes. It is comfortable and very resistant to breakdown. We top off this foundation with a variety of topping materials. Each finished insole is hand sanded to fit into the desired shoe.

Q. What kinds of shoes do CustomComfort Insole fit into?
A. Any shoe with a removable insole will work just fine. Please remove the original insole and replace it with the finished CustomComfort insole. Some shoes without removable insoles will work as well. The things to be aware of for shoe without a removable insole are:
1. The insole you order should be 3/4 length
2. The interior of the shoe should be relatively flat
3. The design of the shoe should be such that it does not deform the finished insole.

Q. How long can I expect the insole to last?
A. This is highly dependant on the use the insole is subjected to. For everyday walking / working application, you can expect 2 years of use. For the avid runner, you can expect one season of use.

Q. Why do you want to know the shoe size? Can't you determine that from the foot measuring system?
A. We like to have the shoe size as we need to know what size to trim the outside edge of the insole to. If you prefer to have loose fitting shoes, and we used your imprint to determine the edge trim of the insole, it would end up being a little small for the inside of the shoe. This would result in an insole that may slide around.

Q. How long will it take to get my insoles?
A. It takes approximately 15 business days from the time you mail the Footprinter box to us.

Q. Can I use the insoles in more than one pair of shoes?
A. We do not recommend doing this, however if the shoes are of similar size and design, the answer is yes.

Q. I love my insoles, do I have to go through the measurement process again to get another pair?
A. No. Your foot shape is on file here at ArchCrafters. We can make as many copies of your insoles as you may need; now or in the future.

Q. I know that my right leg is shorter than my left leg by 1/4", can you accommodate this difference?
A. No. Heel lifts are a medically prescribed adjustment that we cannot accommodate.

Q. Will your product fix flat feet?
A. No. Flat feet is a condition that cannot be cured without surgery to change the foot's structure. Our product should improve comfort for the vast majority of our customers.

Q. Will my insurance cover the cost of my insoles?
A. It is not likely, however we encourage you to check with your insurance provider.

Q. I have EEEE width feet, can you make an insole to match?
A. Yes we can. However, you must have shoes of the proper width. This is one of the reasons that we ask you to make a tracing of the removable insole from the shoe you wish to use your insole in.

Q. Can I wash the insoles?
A. The insoles should be hand washed only, do not submerge in water or place in a dryer.

Q. I have a pair of doctor prescribed orthotics. Can you copy them?
A. No.

Q. What are metatarsal pads?
A. Metatarsal pads are an extra support under the transversal arch, used to relieve and re-distribute weight under the ball of the foot, the pads are placed behind the ball of the foot.

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